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The Street Pass mobile app

The Street Pass mobile app

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The Street Pass app is a community hub that engages consumers by inviting them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. We work with a curated list of cultural institutions, local retail shops, restaurants and bars to create live, interactive and event driven marketing experiences. We can help fill the gaps left from a retail company’s current marketing efforts or we provide an affordable solution for retail businesses on a limited budget. With the Street Pass mobile app, we engage customers where they live, work and play. The obvious road block is the access to funding. With funding I can penetrate the market faster. There is no way to get around that. However, I have creatively restructured to capitalize on smaller segments of the the market. By forming strategic partnerships I’m able to maintain a slow but steady growth of the market share.


Small businesses, the mom and pop shops are the life line to local communities. The service will help them effectively market their goods and services to the community at a low cost to that of conventional advertising channels such as radio and TV.
With the Street Pass app we can place a geofence our clients location. When users of the street Pass app enter that area, they will receive an notification from the app. we will also send out push notifications to the app users about local events.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will primarily be used to launch our initial launch event. We will launch our “Check in to win” campaign that will instruct customers to download the Street Pass app and earn point when they “Check in” to the local retail locations listed in the app. the grant will allow us to secure prize insurance as well as the rental of event space for the event finale.

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