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It enables individuals to use their own strength to perform a self-massage. The design allows patients limited in mobility by pain or structural dysfunction to press on tender points that are difficult to reach to provide relief. It uses leverage and the patient’s strength to loosen tissue and remove knots of muscle. Patients control the amount of pressure put on tender points and adjust accordingly.
The thermoregulation system differentiates it. Heat relieves chronic pain and muscle soreness. Cooling—underutilized in the treatment of MSK dysfunctions due to the lack of availability and knowledge—in the acute phase of pain provides immediate relief and limits worsening of the condition. Combining traditional pressure with focal heating and cooling provides an improved mechanism of therapy.
The temperature of the apparatus can rapidly change from hot to cold or vice versa. Heat or ice pads take several hours to prepare and lack dual functionality in terms of thermoregulation.


Low back pain is one of the leading healthcare costs due to the high prevalence of the complaint, estimated at 70% lifetime prevalence. Studies performed by the University of Washington showed a yearly cost of $86 billion treating the complaints of neck or back pain. Back ailments are becoming increasingly common due to increased age, day to day activities including lifting, twisting and bending, and poor posture. A hypertonic muscle or muscle spasm is often causing or contributing to the pain.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would go towards securing a patent on the heating and cooling process. It would also be used to develop prototypes. I can run my own medical studies and determine statistical significance on the clinical effectiveness of the thermo-cane; however, I need to be able to supply the thermo-cane to a large number of patients. I am working with an engineer to determine the ideal design. Securing a patent and developing functional models are my next steps in the development of the thermo-cane

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