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With this platform, we’re essentially creating a network of opportunity that is both beneficial to the universities and companies in our network. It works by creating partnerships that will allow for collegiate student-athletes to explore their options off the field.
There Are no other competitors in this field, to my knowledge, it is basically linkedin for student-athletes. The one major roadblock that can really affect this idea, is not having that right infrastructure to facilitate the type of website traffic a project of this type can grow. Maintaining the website and app are the easiest ways to getting around this roadblock. However, building the framework for that app and website cost money. Not having enough capital to put into the development of the app and website would be the biggest obstacle or roadblock in our way.


The student-athlete will stand to gain the most from this platform, but also the universities and companies in the network as well. Student-athletes will have a platform the presents them with opportunity. in the form of a job, internship, or GA positions at other schools. It looks good on the part of the university due to their athletes starting careers and for the company, they get access to a talent pool that is sought after, but there is no infrastructure to do so. now there is, “Think”.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The money will be used to build a better website and mobile application that will allow for our network to grow. $2,000 will go to updating and maintaining our website. we will use it to build new tools for advertisers as well as develop new features for student-athletes to personalize there profiles. $3,000 will go to the development of a mobile application to allow for a more assessable way to use the platform, grow the population, and enhance the usefulness of the platform.

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About jaylin Golson

I'm a student-athlete here at Grand Valley State and the founder of a startup called Think. I've been told that I have a thing with people telling what to do, but I see it more as me being a free thinker that likes to get stuff done and make an impact on the world. often times people get defensive when the norm is being tested, but I believe that the norm must always be rewritten and revised. It makes for a better tomorrow. In the end, I want to look back a say I contributed to a better tomorrow

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