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Today CheckIn

Today CheckIn

Vivek Thoutam 79 Views

The exciting thing is that customers can rent by hourly basis and at discounted price compared to other hotels and hotels can rent their unsold rooms on that particular day. Customers will get a perception that we can book rooms at last minute even if it’s an unplanned trip at a much-discounted price. I don’t think we have competitors in this segment in India as I believe it to be a pioneer in the hotel’s segment in my country. Even if we have competitors in future, I made up some plans to tackle them by penetrating into the market vastly and providing 24/7 customer service. Currently, we are working on mob version website and finding out the customers and hotels perception on this idea in our city in India. The roadblocks in front of us are to hire a good technical team and business development executives for partnering with hotels. I strongly believe that I can overcome them by hiring an efficient staff and developing the company by interacting with customers and hotels.


Hotels can get rid of their unsold rooms for that particular day and can increase their customers and advertise their hotels. Customers are the ones who gets more benefited by getting discounts on hotels and can rent hourly as they need by saving money and can search many hotels in their vicinity and can easily make a decision. The real potential is that it can be a single platform that customers can rely on when they are in need of discounted hotels in the last minute in India.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The only thing I have in my mind right now is to build an android and iOS application asap and launching the product immediately.

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About Vivek Thoutam

My name is Vivek thoutam, and I am from India. Back in India, I have done my master's in business administration in India premiere business school. While I am pursuing my MBA, I started a website which is into delivering fresh vegetables in my colony. Within six months I had to sell the database for and joined as area operations manager in Now I want to create my startup with the idea of solving a problem which hadn't solved till now in my country.

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