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Toot & Tote Table

Toot & Tote Table

Jason Hornor 135 Views

I think this gives parents freedom to be anywhere with their kids and have a safe and clean place to change a diaper. Whether it’s hiking, camping, biking, or even at a restaurant that doesn’t have a baby changing table, this collapsible table can fit in a diaper bag or even be carried in its own bag with a shoulder strap.
The closest thing on the market similar is called the Baby Change ‘N Go, which is a soft non-rigid table that hangs from a bathroom stall door. Because of it’s lack of a solid frame, it seems to collapse under the weight of the baby. It also requires a bathroom stall door to hook it from. This won’t work for bathrooms without stalls much less while hiking, in an airplane lavatory, etc.


So many parents stop going out and doing the things they love once they have a new baby. Much of it is due to the difficultly of handling problems when they arise. Even though many restaurants are doing better at offering changing tables, so many have them in the women’s restroom only, if they even have them at all. This changing table offers peace of mind to parents that want to stop feeling trapped at home. They’ll know that they can safely handle anything mess no matter where they are.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I’ve spent my own money creating about 150 prototypes. I wanted to validate the product before committing to the next steps of establishing a supply chain and starting production. I would use this grant money for advertising and purchasing the raw materials for my first large scale batch of tables.

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