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Trackk’s Footwear

Trackk’s Footwear

Brandon Forbes 185 Views
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About Idea

The patented technology built into our children footwear is capable of making a child’s favorite animal sounds or super hero voices through the use of a Mobile App which makes finding lost footwear fast, fun and entertaining. Our children’s footwear is also designed to help a parent locate their child anywhere and anytime using satellite based technology built into the footwear.  What’s most exciting about our footwear is that the technology built into our kids shoes are designed to communicate with moving vehicles thereby preventing or reducing accidental child injury and death. According to our patent search, there are currently no footwear competitors with technology built into their kids footwear that’s designed to communicate with moving vehicles preventing or reducing accidental children injuries and deaths. The obvious road block is patent infringement. Fortunately, we will be able to get around road blocks through enforcement of our issued patents, trademark and copyright.


The greatest and life changing impact is solving three main problems in one revolutionary shoe including making the process of finding lost shoes fun and entertaining, helping a parent locate and track down their missing child anywhere and anytime and preventing or reducing the chance of a child getting accidentally injured or killed by a moving vehicle . The real potential in this patented idea takes place by locating children quickly with constant visual confirmation of their whereabouts.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our last and final step (in order to get traction) is building a newer physical prototype that’s ready to be produced by the manufacturer’s. In other words, although we have a working functional prototype, footwear designs and 3-D prototype models, we will use the $5,000 to help build a newer physical footwear prototype. The newer footwear prototype will have the proper schematics and specifications that’s factory ready , able to be manufactured, put on the shelves in stores and sold online.

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About Brandon Forbes

I am a multi patented inventor, entrepreneur, father, and currently, a PhD student. My idea for creating children’s footwear came as a result of wanting to create New footwear that was fun, entertaining and easy for children (and parents) to find, especially since one of the pair of kid's shoes are always getting lost or misplaced. I also wanted to create children's footwear with a multitude of added safety features specifically designed to help protect and keep children safe when leaving home.

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