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Save lives, save gas, save money, save time.
SAVE LIVES! No one can speed if there is a barrier.
Possibility of zero death from speeding.
No reason to cut another person off. STRESS KILLS too.
Equality for drivers. Everyone gets the same treatment. No one can defy this.
Isn’t there a speed limit? Why allow people to speed?
So police can get money through tickets?
That is an outdated concept. We aren’t those people anymore.
Save lives, save gas, save money, save time.

I don’t need it but I need change.


It will change everyone’s lives including the people that would’ve died from traffic accidents.
It will save time. Traffic jams will be cut in half.
It will save you money. You can get the miles per gallon that you were promised.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With money I can get real numbers. I can try the concept out. It doesn’t even need that much money to try out.
Presentation of concept to city, approval, custom designed traffic cars, drivers, press coverage.

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