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TrayCups - competitive advantage or differentiator is the combination food and drink solution; you can have your cake and eat it too.

We have a fully integrated TRAY and CUP or TRAY insert for for a CUP used at parties, weddings, back-yard barbeques, cocktail parties, birthday parties, family get-togethers, office parties, tailgate parties, ice cream shops, or simply snacking at home. The food and drink combinations are endless:

Fruit (tray) and Yogurt (cup) fully integrated
Chips (tray) and Salsa (cup)
Veggies and Dip
Bloody Mary and Munchies (mets, cheese, olives, pickles, shrimp, et al)
Ice Cream Sundaes and toppings (caramel, hot fudge, bananas, nuts, sprinkles, whip cream, cherries, strawberry topping, et al)
Pop and Chips
Ice Tea and Lemons
Cocktails and Snacks


Ice Cream Stores and consumers - Global Opportunity
Bars and Restaurants - Global Opportunity
Snack Companies - Global Opportunity
Anyone hosting a party of any kind - Global Opportunity
Promotional and/or Branding - Global Opportunity

What I Will Do With $5,000

We need to build working prototypes (printed pieces) real materials to demonstrate the ideas. We have secured our patent pending - design and utility - we have paid for and reserved domain names - we have paid for trademarks - but we need prototypes - we have prototypes we have put together (rough drafts) but real working prototypes would help demonstrate our products to would be partners and the like. We are looking to partner with large manufacturers on a royalty basis.

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