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TrayCups Party Plates

TrayCups Party Plates

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The most exciting thing about our idea is the unique ergonomic design that makes it super easy to eat and drink while social and mobile and the patent was allowed and issued on today (12-4-18). Perfect for Tailgate Parties, Home Entertaining, Catering, Backyard BBQs, Potlucks, Camping, and/or anywhere food and drink are paired - the options are unlimited. TrayCups Party Plates are made in West Michigan; tooling, design, CAD, IP, prototypes, et al. All TrayCups Products are manufactured in Michigan. What makes TrayCups unique is the simple ergonomic design - think of a Solo Cup with a snack tray around the rim - holding TrayCups in your hand is natural and weight balanced. Scaling and distribution are always difficult for new product companies - getting to the right people to strategically help TrayCups get into the marketplace quickly! Global Market Opportunity for TrayCups - over 7 Billion people in the world and growing - food and drink is often a centerpiece for celebration!


Local jobs and manufacturing benefit from our West Michigan roots. TrayCups Party Plates are live on and other select retailers. These are real products recently launched and funded by co-founders Ralph Allen & Matt Hintz. In addition to real sales numbers and real patented products now in the marketplace, we pay it forward by donating all proceeds from our Pink TrayCups to Cancer Fighting and Supporting Charities and 10% of profits to various West Michigan charities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would like to develop a biodegradable TrayCups to go even more green with our products. Currently we have recycled food grade plastics and PET for our original TrayCups and Disposable TrayCups respectively, now we would like paper oriented biodegradable TrayCups which would be more earth-friendly and at the same time reduce costs. The $5000 would help offset costs associated our Sponsorship, Travel, and Exhibit costs for Catersource 2019 (conference and trade show in New Orleans).

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