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Treehuggers 2.0

Treehuggers 2.0

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In 2010, I opened a retail store that was way ahead of its time but loved by many.  We offered recycling services of items the city could not take and helped people reduce packaging by offering a bulk station where you could buy goods without the plastic. We also taught sustainability workshops and cooking classes and created a community around reducing your carbon footprint. We supported local artists, small businesses and farmers. Treehuggers was loved in the community and I think West Michigan might be ready for a reboot.

Closing was heartbreaking but we are ready to try again. Poised with a nonprofit element and various community partners, Treehuggers 2.0 will have advantages we did not have in 2010. Living sustainably is also more common in 2018/2019 as people look to reduce plastic waste, support local and eat more plant-based.

It is time to reopen West Michigans favorite eco friendly shop!


Living more sustainably can be pretty overwhelming at first and we understand that. We create a safe space to ask questions and learn how easy it is to take small logical steps towards living greener.
We make it easier for individuals, businesses and the community to take those steps by creating a community where it is safe to try while also offering the products and services to help reach their goals.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will help us with purchasing equipment, furnishings and fixtures and potentially remodeling a storefront. It will be a significant help to the start-up costs of reopening a business that the community loved.

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About Angela Fox

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Treehuggers is the thing I am most proud of and the happiest career I have had. I am a marketing strategist, environmentalist, food lover, nonprofit supporter and a firm believer in voting with your dollar. I currently help run a nonprofit called & own an environmental and marketing consulting company called Vibrant Solutions here in Grand Rapids.

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