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We believe everyone can get clean, potable water no matter their situation. This product allows anyone to clean a nearby water source fast, efficiently & long duration of time consisting of daily usage. Issues within the clean water industry range from lack of efficiency, cost, & adequate ways to provide people in need of these services & technology. The times of having to boil water, going through unneeded steps to clean water, or having to travel distances with dirty water to go through the before mentioned task will be a thing of the past with this product. This, along with our mission to provide clean water to underdeveloped & underprivileged areas within developing & developed countries also being from Flint, is our driving force. We plan on making other devices & leading in service/projects to make the perception of limitless useful water a reality for all. I am now finalizing design, which I plan on solving by working with incubators, finding a team & investors - Im seeking now.


This product will provide clean water to underdeveloped & underprivileged areas within developing & developed countries. So the people in need of clean water would benefit the greatest from my company. This will lower illness & death due to contaminated water & free up more time for those who need to do long tasks to get clean water. According to the UN, there is a $19.8 billion market & over 844 million people in the world without access to clean water. This market is continuously growing.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used to pay for the molding shell of the device to mass manufacturer the device.

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About Malik Jackson

My name is Malik Jackson and I am studying chemical engineer student at Michigan State University. I was born in Texas, and raised in Flint, Michigan. Being raised and having family from Flint I was able to see the struggle and issue people have in there. This including the Flint Water crisis. I truly believe with Trinhydral, we can make a difference in this world to people in need. I currently treasurer of a charity called Point and vice-president for a social innovation club called OptimizeMSU

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