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Tubie Pockets, LLC

Tubie Pockets, LLC

Rebekah Moilanen 424 Views

Unless you or a family member has had need of a nasal feeding tube, you may have no idea how difficult navigating everyday life is with one! For feeding tube patients, keeping them from snagging on things and being accidentally removed is a very serious problem. Because they are placed through the nose and into the stomach, having them reinserted hurts! As a mom of a child with a feeding tube, this process was agonizing for both of us.

Enter the Tubie Pocket™! Tubie Pockets hold the 18 inch end of a feeding tube so it doesn’t hang loosely from the body. They catch drips and leaks and aid in preventing strangulation of children who move about. They help reduce snags, and accidental removal of the tube and facial tape, which tears the skin and causes scarring. They provide discretion for people who feel insecure about their tube and more. The only other options available at home and in the hospital are tape or a safety pin, which don’t hold the tube securely and may damage clothing.


From the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation: “In 2019 so far, half a million children and adults in the US alone rely on feeding tubes. There are more than 350 medical conditions and diseases that require feeding tubes for children alone.” Globally the number is in the millions. Many diagonoses (prematurity, eating disorders, cancer, degenerative diseases, etc…), require a feeding tube at times. Tubie Pockets have the ability to vastly improve the quality of life for these many individuals!

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5000 we will:
• Hire a manufacturer to produce a large quantity of inventory.
• Develop and launch a new website and marketing strategy.
• Finalize patent and trademark needs.
After research, and with a manufacturer and marketer ready, $5,000 would meet these needs. Increase in marketing and inventory will make Tubie Pockets available to a larger percentage of the population. It will also make our product more accessible and available to hospitals and other professional medical settings.

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About Rebekah Moilanen

My name is Rebekah and I'm from Jackson, MI. My son William spent most of his first year of life in the hospital and came home with a feeding tube. It was awful seeing it come out repeatedly and it hurt him so much to put it back in multiple times a day. We were desperate for a solution and from our struggle the Tubie Pocket was born! It's been amazing to have this product totally change our lives and now that it is being shared, we are so blessed to be able to help other families like ours!

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