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About Idea

What’s most exciting is no one in Grand Rapids is doing it. Either you have vegan food, or you have soul food. No one has taken the two worlds and combined them together to offer you the best of both worlds. Yes, you can find a rice bowl, salads, pizza, or vegan side dish options on menus but where can you get a wholesome vegan meal?  Tweety’s that is where! As Tweety’s eliminates those limitations. Did I mention a unique menu? That’s right! To keep things fresh and innovative Tweety’s will incorporate other cultural dishes to promote diversity and inclusion to our clientele. Like any startup business there will be roadblocks. Some of the major roadblocks consists of obtaining a food truck, permits/licenses, and the inexperience behind operating a truck. With the use of pop-up shops, connecting with local experts such as Downtown Market Kitchen Incubator Program, and Grand Rapids Food Truck Association will help us navigate and overcome any roadblocks that we may experience.


Businesses, community members, and visitors will benefit. It gives those who are vegan, transitioning, or looking to try something “new” an opportunity to do so at an affordable price. Tweety’s provides a place to enjoy a healthier meal that not only tastes good but is good for you. Products from local urban markets, gardens, etc. will be used. A give back day will be offered once a month to the homeless. This will be done through partnerships with local churches and community stakeholders.

What I Will Do With $5,000

A portion of the $5,000 will be invested in startup cost, permits, website, kitchen rentals, and the rest will go towards a food truck.

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About Stephanie Rucker

Who is Tweety’s? Stephanie Rucker. My passion for food started at a young age. Cooking with my mother and grandmother nourished the love I have for food and the joy that it brings to create and make something your own. This led me to find ways to take the foods I love and enjoy and recreate them in a vegan form. What’s Behind the name? Tweety a nickname given to me by my husband embodies a strong family, determination, love for oneself and love for the community.

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