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U- Cup

U- Cup

Crystal Stowe 125 Views

Most exciting to me is the ability to help women and girls around the world become empowered by their periods.  The ability to donate one for every one purchased is a tremendous opportunity to change the lives of many.  I can offer a cup at half the cost that is currently at retail ($19.99 v. $39.99).  The obvious road block is driving trial—our mothers and grandmothers didn’t use a menstrual cup, why should we?  I will drive trial through limited time deep discounting, influencers, collegiate affiliations, and public relations.  Cost at shelf is the current barrier to entry at retail, especially for an item as personal as a menstrual cup.  Many women are afraid to pay $40 for an item for the first time, despite the cost advantages in the long run.


Girls and women around the world benefit most.  By embracing a global distribution network for the donations—domestically with homeless and domestic violence shelters, and globally in parts of the world where girls are forced to stay home due to lack of feminine hygiene products.  They will have 1 cup to last them month to month to month, never having to miss another day of school because they got their periods. 
The earth benefits by waste reduction! 
I will help women own their period!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant would enable me to finalize branding and packaging as well as invest in legal setup.
I have purchased domains:

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About Crystal Stowe

I'm a shopper marketer by day at the midwests' BEST retailer, working with vendors to build marketing strategies to drive share. I have my MBA and over 10 years experience in marketing products in Fortune 500 companies. I have great ideas and am FINALLY ready to make one of my ideas a reality. I'm tenacious, confident, and believe in using the power of data to persuade and influence.

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