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Several individuals have been a victim of layoffs, seen someone get laid off, or know of someone who was laid off. Layoffs are often a result of budget cuts, and over production.
When jobs decrease, crime will often increase!
Majority of all goods that are imported or exported are delivered by a shipping company, in this $740 billion dollar US industry. Shipping companies rely on carrier companies for their deliveries, but rates are at an all time high due to the shortage of truck drivers (carriers). As shipping cost increase, shipping companies will continue to layoff workers.  Uber Freight and others have tried to resolve this issue, however none have been able to reduce shipping cost. 

With 3 years of brainstorming, UBook Freight was created to alleviate this nationwide issue. Bridging the gap in the freight industry allows shipping & carrier companies to see an increase in profits. This increase will create jobs, and when jobs INCREASE crime will DECREASE!  Vote for us today!


Everyone will benefit as “UBook Freight” assist with increasing jobs in our communities. “UBook Freight” is helping rebuild the middle class by decreasing shipping cost, and increasing carrier’s profits. The reduction of overhead will enable shipping companies more job fairs versus lay-offs. Also, carrier companies will be able to increase their fleet to accommodate to the shortage of truck drivers. Crime in our communities will decrease, as jobs increase! Help “UBook Freight” make a difference!

What I Will Do With $5,000

$1,000 of the grant money will go to enhance my website. The remaining $4,000 will be utilize to obtain my bond, so “UBook Freight” will be open for business. With an enhanced website, and my bond I will be able to generate revenue immediately.

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