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Ultimate Date/Time tools

Ultimate Date/Time tools

Herman Woudenberg 142 Views

I have created date/time tools for reading, writing and arithmetic that are:

The world’s most accurate.

The world’s only implementation of all ISO 8601 date/time formats, published by the largest standard organization, the International Organization for Standardization almost 30 years ago.

The world’s fastest reading, writing and arithmetic.

ASCII standardize how characters are represented in computers.  Many believe the Internet would not exist except for ASCII.

IBM standard binary arithmetic with 2’s complement arithmetic.  It allows your 64-bit computer to run 32-bit software.  Every computer is the world uses it.

Intel standardized floating point.  Although it was designed for engineers and scientist, you use it every time you smartphone, tablet computer or PC enlarges and changed documents and pictures. 


Standardizing date/time will:

Programmers will not waste time custom coding the conversion of one vendor’s date/time to another vendor’s date/time.
Users will not waste time waiting for the computer to display data. It has been found existing date/time is the cause.

I developed this because of all the hours I wasted converting vendor’s date/time doing. 

It will allow new companies to develop software faster and have a better date/time than its competitors.

Computer will not waste time

What I Will Do With $5,000

Find my first customer.

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About Herman Woudenberg

I have programmed forecasting, which makes extensive use of date arithmetic. I have programmed a daily close for a commodity firm, owned by one of the world's largest banks, a French bank. I was the expert on currency exchange rates. I have programmed most factory applications. I only developed the world's fastest arithmetic because of courses I took at the University of Minnesota. The myth that date/time arithmetic must be slow. The myth that ISO 8610 date/time 3Rs must be slow.

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