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Unconventional Masses

Unconventional Masses

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Unconventional masses is a clothing brand with a purpose bigger than clothes. Clothes are walking advertisements, which often are our chosen skin and is an avenue for expression. Our clothes are a vessel to reach a platform where we can help troubled people. Particular damaged teenage and young adults. There are a few brands that focuses on mental health awareness such as Mad Happy, Own Your Stigma, and You Matter to name a few. These brands all have been festering in the field for sometime, so they are my competition but they are also my inspiration. Each of the companies have ideals that id incorporate into my business concepts. How I differ is this is a culture; we are a group of people searching to become better, who are you? They are not road blocks because any individual promoting mental health awareness is a win. I feel I have methods to get ahead, around, and over the competition. We’re all shedding light to the subject but i’m a UV bulb.


The people who would benefit most from my ideal are everybody involved. The clothing being bought will be quality and it will promote a positive message to those who seek to understand. All doings will be conducted as fair and transparent as possible. Lives will be changed because the message of mental health awareness will be promoted. Meaning another person scheduled counseling, asked for help, was alive due to my creations doings. The potential is very vast because its many avenues to explore

What I Will Do With $5,000

The money would be used for multiple purposes.  My main usage would be to legitimize my company and my ideals.  A portion would be for the upkeep and help finalizing creation of online web front. Finally what’s left would be to support second drop of merchandise.

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