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Unhoused Heart

Unhoused Heart

Dreyson Byker 169 Views

50% of jewelry and art sale profits go to local 501(c)3 organizations that strive to restore hope and dignity to those in our community that lack adequate housing or have substance use disorder. To nurture individual and collective prosperity, the interwoven designs are a reminder to align our interests with the interests of others, support society’s most vulnerable, and explore our capacity for compassion. Our 2020 goals are to start selling Unhoused Heart jewelry and art through local brick and mortar retail locations and continue expanding our nonprofit partner relationships beyond Grand Rapids.

Interwoven design breakdown:
*Resilience - Infinity sign (interior loops)
*Compassion - Heart (interior loops + lower half)
*Connection - Speech bubble (outside design loop)
*Alignment - Solar Eclipse (open/overlapping circles at bottom)
*Intent - Brain (imagine entire design as an abstract side view with hemispheres)


With 50% of profits going directly to local nonprofit partners, the Unhoused Heart’s primary impact is on the members of our community that these vital organizations serve. On a personal level, wearing a symbol of resilience, compassion, connection, alignment, and intent can be uplifting and provide inspiration no matter a person’s housing status. Sharing the piece is also a spontaneous way to start conversations and share nonprofit partner stories.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would use $5,000 to purchase secure jewelry display cases and a full product inventory.

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About Dreyson Byker

My vision is to help restore hope and dignity to society’s most vulnerable by creatively reconsidering our capacity for compassion. I grew up in West Michigan, studied sociology, have a background in outdoor recreation, and live in Grand Rapids. My work stems from lifelong interests in reading, writing, and drawing and is inspired by the compassion I experienced during a brief experience hitchhiking and homeless.

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