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United Beach Sports

United Beach Sports

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Our Value proposition and Why United Beach Sports is being created is to focus on the 5 Positive A’S to bring to Muskegon Beach. 1. Attitude 2. Action 3. Atmosphere 4.Ameature 5. Athletics. We reward kids/young adults/adults for being positive during events. How we do that instead of flipping a coin like other amateur sports events, we reward ball to team who can name positive quote from famous athletes. Swearing can take points off your teams score during games.
2. Action all U.B.S events gives at least 20% of tournament registration fees to non-profits in Muskegon to benefit less fortunate citizens in Muskegon. So no matter if your kids team wins or losses in sport, they will win,by seeing there registration fee go to a great cause.
3.Atmoshpere. We will be on the Muskegon beach! What better place to have good clean fun with your friends and family!
4.Ameature about 80% of Players will be between 8 and college age
5.Athletics we offer fun Beach Soccer and Volleyball events!


We believe in Muskegon PEOPLE over profits. We Believe in more POSITIVE MEMORIES over money.First event will take place in Muskegon and Will impact Muskegon retail/restaurant business with teams coming from all over Michigan to play. Since going 4 Seed money,Seeds of Hope a non-profit in Muskegon,will benefit to help more Muskegon homeless with them receiving 20%registration fees. All products will be made at MCC Fab lab 2 benefit mcc Players receive personalized team photoshirt for fun memory

What I Will Do With $5,000

since 5,000 is seed money, would give 20% to Seeds of Hope to benefit Muskegon homeless. Believe the event would go smoother by doing this. Would use 2,000 dollars in creative Marketing tactics to draw Grand Rapids Soccer clubs and Grand Rapids youth Volleyball clubs to Muskegon Beach. Will heavily recruit GVSU/G.R.CC intermerial students to come to Muskegon Beach as well. 1,500 dollars would go to M.C.C for material costs. 500 dollars go towards insurance cost.

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