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Vectr Bio

Vectr Bio

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Consumers, and therefore growers, demand higher levels of control in the product, such as specific THC levels, or custom flavor profiles. Nobody wants a bad experience, be they a recreational or medicinal user. Unfortunately, growers simply cannot meet this demand because there is not enough data to do modern breeding practices. Even today, the science behind cannabis growing is archaic.

Vectr Bio makes breeding thoughtless. Growers tell us what they want in their crop. We send them DNA sample kits (think 23andMe). They sample their seedlings. The samples get tested. We tell the grower which specific plants or hybrids will get them closer to their goals, saving them time, money, and grow sites.

The differentiation: We are a tech company, not a breeding company. Rather than spending time and resources growing the crop ourselves, we essentially turn each customer into a research hub. This gives us the freedom to scale, and with each new customer, our algorithms become more accurate.


The medicinal and agricultural research communities will benefit the most; the data that we’ll gather with this sample-kit-based “genetic consulting” service will be high-fidelity, connecting genotype to phenotype in a scale never seen before.

In other words, the by-product of our service can be worth millions to a pharma or agriculture firms because it will help them better understand how cannabis, plants, and even life in general works. Vectr Bio will help medicine become safer and cheaper.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We are using the Lean Startup methodology, and aim to interview 100+ customers before putting investment into product development. With 26 interviews completed so far, $5,000 will be used toward admission to major industry conferences in Denver, Toronto, and Stockholm, which should provide a very comprehensive understanding of customer needs before committing to product development. We plan to generate a definitive list of interested customers before investing in an MVP.

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