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Venture Insurance

Venture Insurance

Horacio Vega Huerta 56 Views

The opportunity to educate the community in the deference between personal and commercial insurance. Knowing that if something happens they are well protected.
Most insurance just want to sell the policy and they don’t take in to count what the client needs and wants. The worse time to find out if you have coverage or not is when you make a claim. My insurance agency has access to over 20 companies and I specialize in commercial insurance.
I will focus on the client and ask the appropriate questions to find out their needs and give them a recommendation based on their answers.
The biggest obstacle will be to able to convince the client that not all insurance agency’s are the same. 
The way I can get around it, is by providing consultative insurance services for personal and commercial insurance.


The community will benefit the most by getting educated in their insurance needs. They would be able to ask the right questions for the coverage they are looking for. They would be able to understand what they have coverage for and what coverage they font have.  The client will be able to shop around and know that not all insurance companies are the same.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The funds would be used to become member of the following organizations to be able to provide education to the community.
West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.
Wyoming Chamber of Commerce.
Kentwood Chamber of Commercial.
To purchase a newer laptop, projector and external drive.
To purchase a banner to display in community events.

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