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Veterans Creative Arts

Veterans Creative Arts

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To provide a group atmosphere whereas veterans can learn how to play an instrument, or learn how to draw and then provide them with the instrument/art supplies after a 12 week program. As being a combat veteran I know the importance of finding ways to cope with anxiety/depression and/or PTSD.  The only competitors are individual instructors who charge $30 per half hour lesson ( 1 on 1).  After graduating from the program each veteran would have to “pay it forward” by performing for a VSO ( VFW, DAV, Legion etc).  This will instill hope and courage in the veterans that they can be productive.
I personally am not only a combat veteran who believes passionately about this, I have been an Award Winning artist and musician for over 40 years and will demonstrate to other veterans how to achieve their goals no matter how big or small.


Each veteran (especially those who served during combat) will be impacted by this program as it will encourage them in the arts that they are ( or can be) productive, creative and through the program they can encourage others.  This is strictly a not for profit program.  The biggest thing we focus on is lowering the stats of ( 22 veterans a day that commit suicide, and those who are homeless).

What I Will Do With $5,000

The monies will be used to obtain musical instruments (or art supplies) for the veterans who complete the 12 week course.  Since we ‘ear mark’ the monies, we will then get the tools (instruments/art supplies) as needed for each veteran.  Each veteran will receive upon completion an instrument of no more than $200 value, or art supplies equal to the same.

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About William Richards

US Army Desert Storm Combat Veteran who battles with anxiety/depression. Artist and Musician for over 40 years with multiple awards and ribbons for both. Recognized as an Honorable Kentucky Colonel in 1991, Certified through the State of Michigan as an Assistant School Teacher ( No Child Left Behind). My fondness is in teaching, and helping others especially veterans. When I say "NO veteran left behind". I stand by it. Through the arts program we can give back to the veterans

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