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Vibrant Menu Solutions

Vibrant Menu Solutions

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Most restaurant will tell you that the menu is one of the biggest pains that they have. Often they rely on food distributors to help with planning and costing. As a result, most food distributors use this help as a way to negotiate contracts. The menu becomes a carrot to secure a deal. The issue with this though, is that once the distributor owns the menu, they own the account. They know what the restaurant is and is not buying from them and it is harder for the restaurant to use multiple vendors.

My goal with vibrant menus is to help restaurants create profitable menus. I would create a website that a restaurant can visit and upload their menu.  The menu will be analysed for a small fee and a report will be sent back to the restaurant with actionable items they can take to help them with profitability. The site will also offer, food costing of recipes and marketing and branding help.

The menu is the one thing 100% of their customers sees and often times, it is an afterthought.


As I mentioned, the menu is the one thing 100% of the customers see. Most restaurants do not know how important a menu layout is to their bottom line. Through my proven process and years in the industry, I have the ability to help restaurants lay out a menu to increase profits and create a unique strategic menu.

It also allows the restaurant to avoid signing contracts that do not favor their interests. They can better negotiate with suppliers and know that they are getting the best prices.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I plan on using the funds to help build the website. I want it to be easy to use and functional. I also want to promote the site on social media and spend time building awareness. I also want to work with a consultant to determine the proper pricing for the services we are providing. The sweet spot that restaurants are willing to spend for this help.

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I am an entrepreneur at heart. Treehuggers is the thing I am most proud of and the happiest career I have had. I am a marketing strategist, environmentalist, food lover, nonprofit supporter and a firm believer in voting with your dollar. I currently help run a nonprofit called & own an environmental and marketing consulting company called Vibrant Solutions here in Grand Rapids.

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