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Wall Licker

Wall Licker

Johnny Bolek 132 Views

its a snap in snap off system that allows you to change what the produce does. for example, you snap in the dog hard candy, now your dog can take a bath or be groomed while getting a treat. By doing this the dog gets positive feed back on how he/she sees baths and grooming.
snap off the hard candy and snap on the scratch pad witch sticks to any glossy service and allows your cat to catch away without taking up a ton of room.


Animals, and humans will. there are more people with dogs and cats then there are people with kids. the wall licker will change the way you clean, groom and entertain your pets.

What I Will Do With $5,000

it will help with further testing and to get a patent that will give us more time to perfect this awesome produce.

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About Johnny Bolek

I love trying new things and just taking crazy adventures, and making the best of what life throws my way. My dream job is to be a full time inventor and be able to share my creative ideas with the world.

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