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Washee: World’s 1st Chemical Free Cannabis Pipe Cleaner

Washee: World’s 1st Chemical Free Cannabis Pipe Cleaner

Mario Rodriguez-Garcia & Joseph Gregory 305 Views

Cannabis pipes get filled with resin and tar over time which can be cancerous and dangerous for the lungs over time for users. As well as the accumulated tar and resin constraints airflow which makes it difficult for users to medicate. It is also unhygienic.

Current solutions involve using harmful chemicals and require the user to do manual work to get their pipes into usable condition. Washee does all the work using only water.

Washee is a home appliance where you can put your cannabis pipes inside, add water, run the “washee” cleaning cycle and your pipes look as good as new in minutes. Current solutions require steeping for long hours and are inefficient.


- Health benefits to cannabis users by using remove cancerous tar & resin from pipes.
- Medical and recreational users reduce waiting time from days to - minutes.
- No repeating purchases and waste
- The Cost of Washee compared to the current solutions are $0.17 cents a year than a couple thousand.

- The fastest growing industry of $47.3 Billion dollar industry
- Usage for consumer and commercial usage
- Easy to use for elderly patients
- Odor-free: no chemical smells

What I Will Do With $5,000

Washee has been completed and tested but a final prototype and professional assets are needed to launch our crowdsourcing campaign.

Final Prototype Small Version: $1,300
Cold Rolled steel body: $600
PCB and electronic components: $250
Crowdfunding Promoting & Advertising: $2,000
Crowdfunding Asset Creating: $850

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About Mario Rodriguez-Garcia & Joseph Gregory

Our Story started by 2 college friends that went to engineering school, Mario and Joe.We worked on entrepreneurial projects all throughout college. Although we were both able to secure jobs in innovation, we became increasingly unsatisfied with the innovation process itself as it was being implemented in our respective companies. We try a different approach to innovation. We involved consumers from the moment of ideation. We wanted to listen to consumer pain points that are often ignored by Corp

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