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(WB) or workstation backpack

(WB) or workstation backpack

Trimell Hawkins 158 Views

This backpack is ideal for the modern kitchen employees whether you’re riding a bike, bus, train or driving to work this pack provides comfort, style, and functionality. The pack houses a cutting board, magnetic knife strip with fasteners to secure knives during transporting, and seperate compartments for work clothes and shoes. The most exciting thing about the pack is it instantly converts to your kitchen workspace just by unzipping it, hang it and go to work. The durable material allows for easy cleaning and care.


Immediately kitchen employees benefit, the functionality, design and overall use allows kitchen employees to be more efficient it also gives urban kitchen employees a more functional knife holster when traveling whether they are walking, riding bikes or taking the subway this pack is more efficient than its counterparts that are more like briefcases. I can also see this spreading to other professions.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Partner with a designer and begin the first line of packs as well as set up an online outlet which can be used to distribute and take orders

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