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We Inspire provides students three clear steps; Explore, Research, and Execute. Explore is the most important. We are the only platform that places priority on giving students information directly from real professionals. Whether a student has an idea or not regarding their career goals, they can jump right into browsing the stories provided by local professionals. Ultimately, allowing students to find more opportunities to become successful.

For example, most students don’t realize the logistics and innovation that occurs behind the scenes of a company like Meijer. Picture a student that loves computers, but is worried about pursuing a career in technology. Imagine that same student views a story of a local Application Developer at Meijer, or better yet, that students meets the developer through an event organized by their teacher. This would have a tremendous impact towards how the student will view their future going forward.


According to a national study, college students change their major an average of three times before graduating. This leads to more debt, lost time and wasted potential for millions of students. The impact is real. Our team tested We Inspire in both Chassell & Calumet Michigan. Hearing the feedback from the students was incredible, and experiencing the impact We Inspire made first hand was extremely satisfying. Our next step is to expand into Grand Rapids and begin reaching out to more students.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to continue improving our site, and continue making it easier to use for students. Our next step is to expand into Grand Rapids and in order to continue catering to students we will need funding to help facilitate the feedback and responses from students in the Grand Rapids area. Any leftover funding will be used towards outreach to schools and workplaces.

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About Cedric Kennedy

I am a MBA graduate student at Michigan Technological University. After meeting Arick Davis (Founder of We Inspire) I knew that I had to be a part of the team. I, like many other students, changed my major 3 times and it took a while before I found my calling. I am extremely excited to begin my journey with We Inspire and do everything I can to help and inspire as many students as possible. I truly believe that all dreams were meant to come true and that every student has tremendous potential!

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