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Welding equipment for The Hot Spot Metal Studio!

Welding equipment for The Hot Spot Metal Studio!

Abbey Hunter 466 Views

As someone who is a full time welder I love inspiring the next generation to pursue this craft. With my plan, the goal is to set up the lower level with all the basic welding tools, equipment, and gear needed to start teaching. I’d like to offer with simple workshops with projects that can be completed by the end of the class. Part of us being an open studio is they can then come back during the studio’s open hours or through a membership and continue new projects. Right now, the only place to learn welding is through a 2 year program at a college. There is nothing for those that want to get into welding for hobby or just curiosity. The road block is that our lower level is not wheelchair accessible, so sadly, this excludes those with limited mobility. The way around that would have to be to bring the equipment upstairs for the student if they can’t get downstairs.


Most studio clientele are women and will benefit the most. Women would love to learn the trade of welding (or for hobby) but not all are comfortable diving into a 2 year program. Our studio provides a safe environment with one-on-one instruction. This is an inexpensive way to learn some basics as well as have access to a community of other helpful makers. Currently women make up 4% of those in the welding industry. It’s the ultimate potential to be a part of that change.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards getting a Miller Dynasty TIG unit that has AC/DC currents and can weld stainless, mild steel, and especially aluminum. These units cost anywhere from $4k-$5k, so with the remaining (potential $1k at most) will go towards getting the filler rods, shades for protective hoods, table clamps, and different sizes of gloves. This unit can hook into the standard 120V outlet (no electrical work) and I already have a few welding jackets/hoods.

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