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WellMorph Uniqueness:
1. Brings transparency of health and wellness information comparing both conventional and alternative choices which is currently not available. 
2. Allows alternative practitioners to educate users, build credibility for their profession, as well as offer their sessions and courses.
3. Allows users to learn about the broad spectrum of health and wellness choices allowing them to choose one or more health solutions with confidence, hire services directly from the site, with the goal of more speedy and long lasting health and wellness as the goal.

1. Funding to keep website development on track.  A prototype has been created and now working features are being added.  Several avenues of funding are being sought at this time.
2. Unknown legal requirements - terms of service, user agreements, etc.  A lawyer or someone savvy with legal requirements is needed and funding to hire them.
3. Social media expertise to bring users/practitioners to the site.


Those with an autoimmune and chronic disease where conventional medicine does not seem to have answers benefit the most.  I personally have been met with this challenge (autoimmune Hashimoto’s), had Drs tell me there is nothing they can do, then alternative medicine helped!  But I had no awareness of the options so it was a time-consuming struggle to find options.  Autoimmune pool - 50 million.  From CDC - about half of all adults—117 million people—had one or more chronic health conditions.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Some combination of…
1. Website Development - hire an individual to implement e-commerce, to implement practitioners entering their own profile/sessions/courses, to implement Quickbooks for accounting behind the scenes.
2. Website Legals - hire a lawyer to get the website legals in place.
3. Social Media - social media will be the primary form of advertising and attracting users/practitioners so hire someone proficient in this to help

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