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West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions

West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions

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West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions will be telling dynamic stories about some amazing people and real happenings originating from the Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas.  We will function as a high-quality film and media production company. 

West M.E.G.A. will facilitate the development of top notch productions and profitable entertainment properties.  Our stories are authentically cultivated to be engaging and to have a tremendous commercial appeal. 

The launch of West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions includes the company putting two films into development:

West M.E.G.A. Project #1:  Michigan Assassin: The Stanley Ketchel Story
West M.E.G.A. Project #2:  Searching for the Next Al Greene

These two foundational projects will guide the work and undergird the mission of West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions.

There has never been a company in existence that has had a focus on producing these-type of quality stories and bio-films in the way that we will do it. 


West M.E.G.A. will help to build the capacity and create opportunities for writers, producers and business aspirants interested in film making and entertainment ventures.

We are developing a cadre’ of talented writers, producers, actors and entertainment properties, originating from the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area. 

Our stories will all have a very personal appeal to the participants involved in telling them and will contribute to a positive and prolific narrative about our community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

5 “Moves” I’ll make with the $5,000.

1) Website Development ( entertainment portal) $1,500

2) Casting Call & Launch Event (Casting the Young Stanley Ketchel, Young Al Green & Young Palmer James) $1,250

3) West M.E.G.A. Film Series $750
(A curated film series showcasing significant and historic films made by or influenced by individuals or events from the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area.)

4) Marketing Collateral’s $750

5) Attorney Fee’s (Business Formation and Contract’s) $750

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Educator, Social Entrepreneur and Founder, West M.E.G.A. Films & Productions.

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