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West Michigan Meal Prep

West Michigan Meal Prep

Kiel Reid 588 Views

Eating a balanced diet is hard work and anyone who actively does it will agree. West Michigan Meal Prep wants to eliminate the stresses that come with trying to eat healthy.

By allowing our customers to select their meals ahead of time, they are able to keep themselves on track. A rotating menu keeps things fresh and never boring. Our competitive price point makes our services approachable.

No contracts, no commitments and no nonsense. Customize your meals, pick up at your designated time and you are done with all your food for the week.

However, every business has challenges. For us, it has been sustainability and ease of access. We currently use a Google form for orders, which is not the most efficient order taking method.

Our other challenge is sustainability. The containers we use are recyclable but that puts too much burden on the customer. We would like to switch to biodegradable packaging that tightly seals. This method is better for freshness, cost and the environment.


People who are looking to make a lifestyle change that takes out the guesswork will benefit the most from our services. As we continue to grow, we can expand our operations into services into prepackaged for resale and meal preparation classes.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Here’s how the money will be spent.

Packaging Sealer - $3,000
Website - $1,000
Advertising Campaign- $500
Other (Tools, Menu Planning, Print, Licensing, etc) - $500

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About Kiel Reid

I am inspired by the world around me and I love bringing ideas to life. Finding creative ways to solve problems in my local community is my lot in life. Usually this is done by bringing the resources that already exist in creative ways. I'm also a father and the owner of a small retail store. I moved back to Muskegon 2 years ago to be a part of the resurgence of West Michigan.

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