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Whair: The Wearable Chair

Whair: The Wearable Chair

Mason Rackes 1041 Views

My product has no frame like a standard chair, it uses your body to naturally support yourself. Chairs are not allowed at festivals, for example: Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Forest. This is an issue as people need to be comfortable, keep clean from the yuck and most important they need to have an enjoyable experience. In addition to festival goers, hikers and backpackers have no option of a chair without a frame. All chairs on the market currently restrict space and add excessive weight to backpacks due to their frame. My research shows there is not one chair like this in any way on the market. Some roadblocks I envision are people being skeptical of a wearable chair. This is the first of its kind so people may be scared to test the waters.


This is going to change our experience as we view our favorite singers and bands, along with how we take a break from a hike. There will be no more worry if your favorite outfit will get dirty or if you backpack is big enough. This product is going to sit on the market for a long time. The vest is versatile and convenient. Providing comfort is my goal, life is beautiful and it should be enjoyed during all events. It should not be limited to space in a backpack or a list of prohibited items

What I Will Do With $5,000

This will go to creating samples, materials and developing a website. I’m working with Woodland Tailoring to create the samples. To finish these, the materials will need to be purchased along with hiring the tailor I am working with. Buying an industrial sewing machine would cut costs of renting a machine until this product is established enough to be manufactured larger. These samples will be tested with outfitters and festival promoters. This will lead to the startup of a Kickstarter campaign

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About Mason Rackes

I was born and raised on the West Side of Grand Rapids. I am hard working and have always thought of fantastic ideas to share. Once this idea incubated in my head, I knew this one would become a reality rather than just a thought. I taught myself how to sew to help bring my idea to fruition. I have researched, designed and created this product by myself and I am proud to share. In my spare time not working on the Whair I am a full-time sophomore student pursuing my nursing degree

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