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Where to Next?

Where to Next?

Oliver Berning 141 Views

Over the last 7 years I’ve heard countless friends and family members - who all follow my adventures online - say the same things: “fit me in your suitcase next time,” “bring me with you!” or “I LOVE living vicariously thru your pictures and videos.”

I decided that this competition would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the world to the first, choose-your-own, travel vlog!

What’s most exciting for me? Doing what I love and being able to share those experiences with those I care for the most!

How is it different? While there are thousands of travel vlogs, blogs, accounts, etc. in the world, I have not seen a single one that allows you to see exactly what YOU would like to see. I follow many of these creators and I tend to skip around videos if they show something that does not interest me… I would like to eliminate this

Road blocks? The main challenges I would face relate directly back to preparation! Taking a proper amount of time before each adventure would help this.


Everyone wants to travel, but not everyone can afford to do so. That is where “Where to Next?” plays a pivotal role. Whenever I decide on my next adventure I follow it up with hours of research online, mostly thru travel vlogs. Where to Next? would allow viewers the ability to really feel as though they are in the adventure! Want to sit at the cafe in the backstreets of Paris for hours? Sweet! Climb the Swiss Alps? Yes, please! Experience an underground Flamenco show in Barcelona? Say no more…

What I Will Do With $5,000

A vast majority of these funds would be dedicated towards filming equipment and software. The rest of the grant would go towards advertising the video online, getting shoutouts from other popular creators, as well as paying for help from a video editor to guarantee the highest quality product possible. These adventures would then contain sponsorships, ads, and affiliate programs to earn revenue. This $5,000 would have an enormous ROI if chosen for the grant!

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About Oliver Berning

Just your typical 24 year old engineer that loves: language, travel, different cultures, entrepreneurship, and innovation! Eager to bring one of my many ideas to life with your help :D

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