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Wimee’s Words  by Wimage

Wimee’s Words by Wimage

Michael Hyacinthe 194 Views

About Idea

Rooted from Wimee’s weekly livestream educational show and now joining up with the Michigan Learning Channel (MLC), and to be distributed to all PBS stations in Michigan and some parts of Indiana.  From sports and games partnered with the Detroit Pistons, to art around the world with the Detroit Institute of Arts, and interviews with ABC News Chief meteorologist Wimee will help provide content and messages for impactful lessons relating to school and beyond. Our goal is to establish a local following in Michigan and take it national to PBS kids where Wimee can become a household name.


Today’s students are seeing not only summer learning-loss but pandemic learning-loss. Wimee offers supplemental learning opportunities to students in an inviting and interactive environment. His silly songs, guest stars and mission for connection, learning, and having fun. Wimee will provide content for weekly episodes with half-hour segments targeted at children in preschool aged 3-5.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Wimee’s Words by Wimage will utilize the funding to help support our partnership with PBS.  Our live stream show has been picked up by PBS and begins airing on June 22.  We are partnering with them to provide 16 episodes that will air throughout the entire state of Michigan and some parts of Indiana.  This will require us to hire animators and editors to make our show T.V ready and educational and entertaining.  We are budgeting $10,000 to hire local animators and editors to help us meet our 16 episodes.  We have also outgrown our home studio and have been looking at leasing a space so that we can create more content in a more suitable space.  We are budgeting 700 a month for this space.  We are also budgeting 100 a month on the internet. This 25k investment will help us prepare for this 16 episode pilot that can help expand our show to a national audience and establish licensing and merchandise opportunities with top companies. 

$10,000 for animator, editors
$8,400- I year lease in a bigger space to produce more shows and grow our production capacity
$3,500- Set and space build out
$2,500- Social media and marketing intern
$2,500- 1yr Internet and miscellaneous expenses

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About Michael Hyacinthe

Michael Hyacinthe is an 8-year United States Navy Veteran who served as a U.S. Navy Seabee combat warfare specialist. His military service took him around the world to Iceland, Guam, Europe and the Middle East, I am passionate about innovations that help underserved communities and kids learn.

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