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Women’s rugby musical! - Great Big Rainbow World

Women’s rugby musical! - Great Big Rainbow World

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Great Big Rainbow World (GBRW) is a full-length musical currently in development in the Twin Cities. It’s an exciting story in large part because of its focus on authentic queer female relationships against a backdrop of rugby and college, and yet its messaging is about love and belonging - something everyone can relate to.

The musical differentiates itself with its acoustic, Indigo Girls-like score and its all-female identifying and/or non-binary cast and character lineup.

Primary roadblocks to seeing the production on stage in full production for Twin Cities Pride 2020 relate to funding. We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars to see this happen, and we’ve started our individual fundraising and grant writing efforts already.

The roadblocks are absolutely surmountable since we’ve started our fundraising efforts so early, but an assist in funding from 5x5 Night would be huge in further our fundraising efforts to help cover expenses such as theater space rental.


Young queer women eager to see themselves on stage in musical theater will benefit the most. The cast and crew of GBRW have expressed during the musical’s development how refreshing it is to play authentic queer female characters, so they’re benefiting. General audience members will benefit too - representation matters, and authentic representation is a powerful tool for social change. This musical has the potential to get to Broadway eventually - we need your help to get it off the ground!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 grant will be used to pay for a large chunk of the theater space rental we need for our four-week production run for Pride 2020 in the Twin Cities. GBRW is written and ready to go - we simply need a financial boost to make our production run in 2020 more affordable. We are also pursuing individual donations and additional grant-related funding options to help offset the costs associated with bringing the musical to life. We’d love the $5,000 boost since we’re locking in space now!

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