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Workstation backpack

Workstation backpack

Trimell Hawkins 222 Views

The backpack is stylish while housing the essentials to your work in a convenient manner allowing for easy transport, access and organization. The backpack itself doesn’t change per profession but the inner sleeve is removable and adaptable to an abundance of professions. There isn’t a backpack like this on the market most backpacks are either very general or very specific this backpack is both because the backpack itself never changes while the inner sleeve is specific to given professions.


The people that benefit from this backpack are those people that are constantly on the, the people that take public transit or walk and ride bikes, and the college student that’s in one of these professions where having their tools for success readily available is key.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the 5000 I would begin the manufacturing process. While I have a working prototype the next step in this important endeavor is to begin to get it to the public and begin changing lives.

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