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Xavey Kior Body Essentials

Xavey Kior Body Essentials

Avanti Footman 232 Views

Xavey Kior Body Essentials is most exciting because the ideal goal is to encourage ladies of all ages, size & race to feel beautiful inside and out! We recognize that there is competition but what sets us apart is providing body products that are not accessible for example Xavey kior will potentially provide body butters, Body oil sprays & etc that you can’t pick up anywhere also XK Lipgloss is the first essential launched, its all natural and are tagged with a daily affirmation for ladies, Its handcraft inside & out so it’s made from the heart! Yes there are roadblocks in this industry being that some people have specific beauty products that they are already use to ,  Xavey kior will provide products that are not accessible, another roadblock would be creating everything by hand which determines how much can be made in a time period a way to remove this road block would be investing in a machine operater dispenser to cut back time to produce more product!


In the beginning stage of Xavey Kior Body Essentials women benefits the most from our product! With the feedback so far a few benefits are the product is a great product it’s not sticky, it’s smooth, and moisturizing to the skin! Xavey Kior customers also enjoy the benefit of having many options to choose from. The ultimate goal for my customers is to love the product in every way and take in every detail of the product to help with there everyday living!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Hypothetically speaking if Xavey Kior Body Essentials was rewarded the $5,000 funds, We will put a portion of the funds into initial inventory, invest in marketing, invest in additional revenue streams and invest in a dispense machine.

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About Avanti Footman

My name is Avanti Marie Footman, Born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan on January 1st,1992! Yes I’m not your ordinary human I am a New Years baby! I graduated from Creston High School “ Go polar bears” ! I have always been talented creative and ambitious with many goals. At the age of 24 (yes it took a minute lol)I believe I figured out my purpose in like which is to be my own boss and one day be able to bless and employ others! The name of my business idea came from my blessing Xavey Kior

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