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Xavey Kior Body Essentials

Xavey Kior Body Essentials

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About Idea

The most exciting thing for XKBE is knowing how the business can keep growing. The industry that XKBE is in (beauty/health) is a industry that will never go away which gives us a opportunity to keep growing. Xavey Kior Body Essentials plans to launch each essential one by one so that our customers know like and trust the brand. Our XKBE All natural lip gloss was the first essential launched from the brand and it has been a success! My ultimate goal for XKBE is to have a full line of skin care essentials as well as additional branded items one day placed inside of my own storefront. I plan to be as big as bath & body works & Victoria secret which is XKBE competitors I would have to say that my inspiration is what sets me apart from my competitors and my ideal goal.  Also money and time management would have to be my only road blocks I do believe if I could quit my day job and focus fully on XKBE that the business would take off!


XKBE provides all natural skin care essentials for women all over the world, the ultimate goal for XKBE is to make women of all ages and color not only feel and look good on the outside but on the inside as well. The XKBE brand stands on building confidence in women and one way we do this is by taking two problems and placing them in one solution. XKBE provides ladies with great skin care essentials as well as a boost of confidence to go along with your purchased product!

What I Will Do With $5,000

If Xavey Kior Body Essentials was awarded the $5000 I would invest the funds towards a XKBE pop up shop tour. (Something I thought of) I would love to travel to 3 different states and set up shop in there malls, to get the brand familiar in other cities, to produce new customers & sales. The funds would go towards traveling expenses, marketing, inventory etc

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About Avanti Footman

Hello My name is Avanti Marie I am 28 years young. I would have to say out of all my years of living I have finally realized at the age of 28 what my purpose here on earth is. I was placed here to create great things and that’s exactly what I am doing with my business! I am a Creator!

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