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Yoga to improve Sleep DVD

Yoga to improve Sleep DVD

Michele Fife 198 Views

Yoga market primarily targets the young healthy and flexible.  Those struggling with debilitating disease are mostly left out or feeling left out.  I have created 2 other Yoga dvds in the therapeutic realm and this is my next idea.  I know that certain yoga postures and movements can help relax the body and calm the mind preparing the participant for sleep.  During sleep the body can heal.  I want to help that to happen.


Everyone who is unable to attend a regular Yoga class or make it through a standard Yoga dvd.  It will improve the quality of sleep for those who struggle with it and help them to heal and find peace of mind.  I received testimonies every week from people all over who are using my EASE and SIT dvds to help them improve their physical presence and gain strength.  I want to do more.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use the $5000 towards the $8000 production cost of the dvd. 
Storytelling pictures will produce it locally and I can likely come up with donations for the remaining $3000.

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About Michele Fife

Co-Owner at OMG!Yoga, Wellness expert wotv4women, Pres. Dharmanaut LLC Yoga teacher since 1990. Specializing in therapeutic Yoga. Created of Yoga DVD SIT - fully seated Yoga practice. Creator of EASE dvd in conjunction with Mary Free Bed. EASE is a Yoga practice designed for those overcoming illness or injury. Has facilitated the YOCAS study in West MI. to improve sleep for cancer survivors since 2007. Designed the curriculum for Mary Free Bed Cancer Wellness program. Citizen of the world.

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