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Young men dress well

Young men dress well

Archie Sudue 303 Views

I have the opportunity to reach people in all walks off life, I am excited about changing the culture of how young men in Grand Rapids dress, getting young men more interested in wearing more formal attire, and stressing the importance of dressing for the success you hope to achieve. My brand is different from my competitors, because Melxfashion target a younger demographic mostly men between the age of 18 -45 and the suits I offer are custom fitted and very affordable. Not only do I provide suits for individuals, groomsmen, and any other formal events but I also pair the suits with shoes and accessories. I teach my customer base how to wear the suit well. I want to educate people about men’s fashion and the importance appearance has in relation to how you’re perceived.


Young men continue to benefit from my idea. I am changing the way young men carry themselves and present themselves in society. This can help create more job opportunities, increase the confidence of these young people and help get them more interested in achieving their individual goals. Perception is reality and when others view you as being responsible your possibilities and opportunities increase.

What I Will Do With $5,000

What I Will Do With $5,000
The grant would go toward various aspects of my business. I would invest $3,000 into my retail space and renovations. I would invest $1,000dollars into running social media ads on Facebook and Instagram and building my website where customers will be able to order and view merchandise. And finally $1,000 will be invested into inventories.

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I'm from West Africa Liberia and the father of 3 young boys. I grew up spending most of my time watching my grandfather, a disciplined Vietnam veteran. He always polished his shoes and ironed his clothing, stressing the importance of a responsible appearance. This inspired me to do the same, being well dressed inspires confidence. I attended school for undergrad for civil engineering but realized that my passion was in fashion.

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