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This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in April 2020

About Idea

Ysanne provides a fashionable and modern approach to safety for all generations.  Our discreet technology called the heart, can be temporarily attached to any of our jewelry items by sliding the heart into the back of one of our rings, necklaces or bracelets, offering variety. When in an emergency, press the heart firmly 3 times, there will be a vibration and an alert will be sent from the Ysanne app to your pre-selected contacts that includes your GPS and a way to begin 2 way communication. A hurdle I am currently working around right now is how to add 9-1-1 as a possible contact when the button is pushed. There is a process in place to be able to do that it just takes time. There are very few competitors in this industry but companies such as Lifealert and Wisewear are too bulky, not discreet, are expensive and provide limited options. Ysanne is fashionable, affordable and interchangeable. Why pay for one expensive item when you may wear a variety of jewelry throughout the week.


Increasing concerns about women and children’s safety are key factors for the staggering growth in this market. With revenue coming from the sale of the heart, the jewelry and the service provided by the companion app, we predict breaking even our first year. As the only fashionable, interchangeable, SOS technology, Ysanne will be there when it really matters. With 71% of women concerned for their safety on a Day to Day basis, Ysanne will give women a quicker and discreet way to call for help.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We are seeking the $5,000 to finalize the heart technology user tests, to secure a utility patent, finalize the app development, and finally manufacture the first 100 units to be sold. We can accomplish quite a few projects with this opportunity which is why this is so important.

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About Janine Thomas

Originally getting a degree in Fashion Design I always wanted to use my skills to help others. With that in mind I decided to persue a second degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. With Ysanne, I am able to combine both my education and passion for fashion with my love of helping others in one business. I now have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Ysanne is a way for me to use entrepreneurial principles to grow a business in the pursuit of making a difference.

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