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Zanithia; A Children’s Music and Game App.

Zanithia; A Children’s Music and Game App.

Merry Citoli 194 Views

Our advantages
Our unique value proposition is the game play, adventures and the life lessons children learn while they play the game.  Rather than purchase a game that is violent or fun but not educational, we feel parents will appreciate the values and lessons on doing good for others than yourself.  Children will love the game because it is fun and has an exciting story line, graphics and game play.


We are hoping this will impact children’s ability to make a more positive impact in the world, with both their ability to make empowered decisions, but also with how they treat other people in the process of becoming a positive interactive part of the world they are impacting. This results in a more positive social structure overall when children are taught to engage in less negative self awareness patterns.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our next step is to build a scope for investors to see how the app will be developed into an actual virtual platform for children to interact with.  We have a number of expenses involved with this from paying the app company to getting artwork finished for the visuals, as well as some day to day operating expenses.

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About Merry Citoli

Merry Citoli is an award winning singer/songwriter. Merry has worked with children for over 40 years through being a Big Sister Volunteer and volunteering her music performances for organizations such as The Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital and other charities that support the future of children's mental, physical and spiritual health. She was the owner of Party Animals, a children's entertainment company and taught piano and voice to children for over 20 years.

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