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zDocs Pro for Zoho CRM

zDocs Pro for Zoho CRM

Kim Kamper 159 Views

Cloud-based Contact Relationship Management (CRM) services are very good at capturing and storing information on a business or personal contact, but there is a bottleneck when it comes to working with documents. They often have document creation features, but the manual steps involved to create them, and the lack of an adequate feature to easily retrieve them, makes this an opportunity for improvement.
zDocs Pro excels at creating new documents, and scanning documents. All parameters of the document are pre-set by the user, so that the process of creating the document is very fast. Additionally, zDocs Pro has a built-in document management module to make the storage and retrieval of documents very easy.
zDocs Pro has a unique, built-in web browser feature, so that it easily bridges the gap between a cloud-based service and a desktop-based program. The contact in Zoho CRM is automatically connected to the contact in zDocs Pro through its unique connector to the web-based service.


Zoho CRM ( is a cloud-based service with over 25 million users. Every subscribed user can benefit from having an intuitive, easy and fast document creation and storage system that is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM.
Zoho CRM is a fast-growing service, but the ability to easily work with documents has always been problematic, for Zoho as well as for other cloud-based CRM’s such as SalesForce. I believe that I can offer a new program that will enhance and increase productivity.

What I Will Do With $5,000

1. Develop an online presence through an effective website.
2. Go through a training tutorial program, to strengthen programming skills and make the program code run faster and more efficiently.
3. Hire a Programmer to strengthen the software code, and make recommendations to improve the product.
4. Develop a marketing strategy to promote this new software to Zoho CRM users.
5. Educate potential users on its capabilities and enhanced features, through videos.

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About Kim Kamper

I have been writing software as a hobby for over 20 years. Due to a major career change, I needed to start something new. I have been working on this product full-time since May of 2016, and part-time before that. I love to learn and explore new things. I believe that learning, or helping others learn, keeps us young. I love meeting new people, and seeing them thrive. I love the idea of offering software that saves people time and makes their lives easier!

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