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Zeal Aerial Fitness

Zeal Aerial Fitness

Christina Vandam 1941 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in July 2018

About Idea

Zeal Aerial Fitness is West Michigan’s premiere pole, silk, and hoop gym!  We are different from our competitors because we are the first all inclusive gym of our kind.  We are open to all genders, ages, and humans! :) 

Zeal has FLEXIBLE scheduling as we realize that everyone leads a busy life.  We offer many different membership options that lets our customer pick what works best for them.  Zeal also has a personalized level system for each one of customers to ensure that they are receiving the workout and classes that are BEST FOR them.  We do not require individuals to stay in a class if they are ready to move to a different one. 

At this time, our biggest roadblock is lack of space.  Since we are operating in home, we are limited to the number of students we can have in a class as well as the amount of classes we can have.  Our rig is also outside, leaving us at the mercy of the Michigan weather.  We are currently looking for spaces with our realtor to help solve this problem.


Those who are looking for alternative ways to work out will benefit the most.  By being in Zeal’s community, we focus on members finding the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally.  With our holistic approach and community feel, people will feel comfortable and cared for.  In the future, we will partner with nonprofits around the community to raise awareness about issues in the Grand Rapids area.  The fitness industry is projected to grow at a 5% rate each year.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the winnings, Zeal will purchase more equipment including poles, silks, hoops, rigging materials, and crash mats.  We will also use the earnings to help us find a larger space to hold classes as we are currently operating in home at the mercy of the weather.  With more equipment and a larger space, we can offer a wider variety of classes and grow our company.  Lastly, we will use remaining money to help with advertising and marketing for our grand opening this coming fall.

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