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Whether you travel far and wide or like to try new restaurants in your hometown, you are an explorer. And Zonder is your mobile companion as you explore the world.

All you need to do is turn on location, and the app does the rest (no manual check-ins needed!). You will gain experience and level up in various categories that reflect the types of places you like to go to. If you visit a specific type of place a lot, such as music venues, you can earn a badge for it to show off on your profile. Users can also view their past travels, see cool places to visit around them, share their experience with friends, and compete with other people on the leaderboards. Based off user feedback, our team is constantly working on new features and improving existing ones.

Zonder - Collect the World is currently in the App Store and Google Play Store for beta testing. Interested in joining the adventure? All you need to do is download the app and use the invitation key: 5x5.


Our target market is avid travelers, but anyone with a smartphone can regularly play Zonder. All you have to do is visit new places, and you will automatically get rewarded experience!

Zonder combines real-life experiences with gaming to add an extra sense of achievement wherever you go. Our mission is to become the one stop shop for travelers. The Zonder world was created to foster a supporting and adventurous community for anyone who loves to explore.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5000: ‘Party-Up’ feature that allows users to earn extra points while traveling with friends
$2500: A news feed where users can share the cool places they’ve been to and achievements they’ve earned
$1000: Limited-time events for users to earn additional rewards
$300: Product demo video for website and crowdfunding campaigns
$5: Coffee to keep me working on a late night

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