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July 18, 2022 11:59 pm

About this idea
I Designed/Built several different types of Proprietary USDA Certified Problem Solving Hydro Ag Systems, Ag Tools & Processes that could Disrupt the Vertical Farming Industry, and help us quickly turn my Microgreens Products Brand into the Next $10Billion$ Bagged Salad & Value-Added & Freeze Dried Powdered Michigan Products Company. I already attracted a Light Manufacturing & Ag CPA Guy who will Vest in my startup as CFO , and help the GR Residents & Ag Students apply for the USDA FSA very low interest and very easy to get Beginning Farmer Micro Loans for up to $50k to Purchase or Lease a Full Service Turn Key Hydro Ag Farm Pod to startup their own Hydro Ag businesses. I also attracted an Awesome Ag Grant Writer Guy who says that , He will join the Hydro Ag Team and help us research & acquire funding for our Hydro Ag Solutions & Innovative Ideas. I also attracted a Holland Michigan Total Grow LED Lightning Company that wants to help us push the boundaries to figure out much better ways to produce food Indoors , and make Healthy Food Access more Affordable. I also attracted the GotBlox Team in GR , and they want to talk about helping me build some Custom Shipping Container Farm Pods & Hydro Ag Farm Pod Business Incubators to help Train these New Farmers, From Farm-2-Fork & Seed-2-Sale for Hands on Real World Learning
I think this 5x5night Idea will greatly benefit the Grand Rapids Residents, because my idea will create a lot of good Paying year round Hydro Ag Light Manufacturing Jobs, and because I can get my Ag CPA Guy to help the GR residents apply for the very low interest & easy to get USDA FSA Beginning Farmer Micro Loans for up to $50k to startup their own Hydro Ag year round Indoor Ag Businesses , and help us create Food Security & Healthy Food Access for everyone, especially for the people living in Food Deserts . Plus this startup can help me Fund my much Bigger Ideas for Grand Rapids & Worldwide.
What I'll do with $5,000
I would use the $5,000 to rent a Commercial Warehouse Space to setup a Hydro Ag Solutions Light Manufacturing Company , and start building some of my Hydro Ag Homeowner Farm Pods & Hydro Ag Systems to start marketing & selling to help us Fund our scale really fast, so we can attract a Team, and the BAF Business Accelerator Fund , MIspringboard Varnum Law Free Legal , Urban Ag Innovation Grants , Energy Value-Added Products Grants , SBIR and several more that USDA, and many others keep saying my Commercial Hydro Ag Solutions & Innovative Ideas could attract & win . Thanks Farmer Jeff 👨‍🌾 No Farmers No Farms No Food Everyone Has To Eat
About Farmer Jeff Mays

I Designed Hydro Ag Solutions that could Disrupt the Vertical Farming Industry, and turn Microgreens into the next Bagged Salad , Not just a Better & Cheaper Garnish

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