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About this idea
Veterinarians are passionate professionals who want to optimize patient outcomes. They struggle with time-consuming medical record keeping that reduces billable hours and requires tedious maintenance. Kreative DocuVet will enter the $847.5 million veterinary software market to solve these problems with our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. We allow veterinarians to record audio appointments and quickly receive ready-to-use medical records generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Our 4-person management team has the skills to develop this solution and deliver it to customers through affiliate and email marketing, and we are raising $106,167 to reach our goal of 100 paid users by January 2025.
Veterinarians, especially those of smaller practices, stand to gain the most from using Kreative DocuVet in their day to day appointments. Our product empowers veterinarians by saving them time, unlocking additional billable hours to increase revenue, minimizing information loss and inaccuracies, and driving consistency to reduce risk of lawsuits and violations. Our app saves time by recording appointment audio and quickly generating ready-to-use medical records with no manual transcription, documentation, or formatting required. This time savings will enable each vet to schedule more appointments and increase monthly revenue by over $7,795. DocuVet also drives accuracy by generating records directly from appointment audio, and drives consistency by providing configurable medical record templates to match clinic preferences and Veterinary Medical Board requirements.
What I'll do with $5,000
The grant is for a specific project to get traction, so be specific. Ideas will be disqualified that propose the $5,000 be used for general operations of an organization. With the $5,000, we plan to become a vendor at the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Winter Conference in February. Currently, our team is developing the product and beginning live testing at the start of January with our roadmap set to complete version one by February. At the IVMA conference, we will showcase the application, foster relationships with practitioners in our area, and aim to add 10-15 new customers onto the platform at our current subscription cost of $159/month. The vendor registration fee alone costs $1,200. In addition, we will need to arrange overnight accommodations and travel for our 4 person management team. To deliver the greatest return on investment we can, we will also use the funding to purchase branded handouts, business cards, company swag, and booth materials for the conference.
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