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About this idea
Papa’s Peanut Brittle is a family tradition, birthing a family legacy that my father always dreamed. We made brittle as a family every year, and my mother gave it to family and friends. This brittle is soooo good, people would start calling in September to get on her distribution list. They were aged and unable to make brittle, and told me was going to take the mantle. I refused! I did not want to take the list, because I knew it would be a permanent expectation. Well my no, didn’t work. In the process I was told, we should sell it, my mother refused. I made a post and sold 200 1 lb packages just like that. I was not happy, because I had to fill all those orders. LOL. My father passed January 2021, and he would talk with me and cry saying he wished he had left a legacy. About three months later I had an opportunity to attend BETA Entrepreneur Training Academy. It was there Papa’s Peanut Brittle was birthed. Amazing, something I refused to do has turned into a prosperous and budding business. I am running to keep up with it, and shaking my head, because I didn’t see it coming.
This brittle is said to be the best brittle most people have ever had. The impact I love the most is that so many people say it reminds the of their grandparents or mother and father. It’s kind of nostalgic, and they want their kids to try it as they tell their story to their children. Also, I was warned and told brittle was just a holiday favorite… well I have sold a lot of brittle since the holiday, and won an award. People that have had bad experiences with brittle love mine, because it brittle, but it melts. It is not your ordinary brittle. Have converted non-brittle lovers to brittle lovers. I have been told they have to hide it from kids, pets, and especially spouses!
What I'll do with $5,000
I would use this money to finalize my permanent packaging. The labor that goes into preparing each package with the necessary labels, can be used to increase my production and help me meet the current and upcoming demands of this holiday season. The packaging is nearly finished, this will give me the funding to print. Additionally, I am need of equipment to increase my production. Currently by hand I am only able to make 10 bags per batch. I have travelled to Chicago, and tested equipment that increase my per batch to 50 bags. I am working on the completion of acquiring that equipment. With increased production pre-printed bags will keep my labor cost down. The goal is to have all thing in place by October as we gear up for the holiday season. Orders are already coming in!
About Doreen Gardner

I am an innovative and creative business women. My leadership strengths are futuristic, strategic, maximizer, connectedness and a relator. I am committed to excellence, and always working with integrity. I retired from management at AT&T, I am a licensed and ordained minister, and currently CEO of Papa’s (award winning) Peanut Brittle.

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