Johnathan Jackson

I am Johnathan Jackson, also known as John Giovanni the 21 year old entrepreneur and curator of Giovanni's Seasoning. I am from Detroit, Michigan and I have been in business for just over a year. I come from a culinary background, since the age of 12 years old I've been working in the restaurant business. I started working in my parents restaurant at that young age of 12 and I transitioned over time into my own culinary business pursuits. At the age of only 19 I created what is now known today as Giovanni's Seasoning. Giovanni's Seasoning is a multipurpose, all purpose seasoning. Great for chicken, steak, shrimp, lamb, steak, potatoes, rice, veggies, and even popcorn. Giovanni's Seasoning is multi-dimensional because it's able to turn into a sauce with 2 easy steps. Giovanni's Seasoning is everything you need in one.
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Giovanni's Seasoning
Entry Date: 29/07/2022
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