Rojon Hastings

Im Rojon Hastings. My goal is to bring my business to fruition. I run a vendor space at the Farmers Mkt, called Irie Yard Vibes. Irie Yard Vibes, came to life after many years of contemplation, in the desire to bring Caribbean-based products to the Flint area. My spouse is from Jamaica, and over the years it has been challenging to find items, in our local area that is reminiscent of home. . With the help of my inlaws and a few connections from various distributors, I have been able to bring Irie Yard Vibes to the Flint area and have been well received. I would like to be able to expand my business inside of the Farmer's market, to see if it can become a sustainable and profitable business in the community.
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Irie Yard Vibes
Entry Date: 21/08/2022
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